Expert Body Massage


Natalya_giving_massageTherapeutic Body Massage

Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress.  Our expert massage therapists will restore your sense of well-being with combinations of deep tissue, accupressure, Swedish, reflexology and other therapeutic techniques.

Allow our skilled massage therapists to design the ideal combination of techniques and give you the perfect massage.

60 minutes $90.00
75 minutes $105.00
90 minutes $120.00
Series of 6
(1 hr. sessions)
Series of 6
(90 minute sessions)
Full Body
Deep Tissue
Add 20%

MLD Massage 60 minutes



Massage Enhancements

Enhance your Massage with these options:
Steam Canopy $25.00 (15 minutes)
Dry Brushing $20.00 (30 minutes)
Body Polish $55.00 (30 minutes)
Wraps $110.00


dry skin brushReflexology Foot Massage

Research indicates that the reflex zones of the feet correlate with energy meridians in the body that supply the major organ systems.  Results of the therapy can effect the levels of stress, wellness and energy.
30 minutes $50.00
45 minutes $70.00


Stone Therapy

This treatment incorporates the placement of hot stones on the body with massage to relieve and revitalize aching muscles and restore balance.

1 Hour Stone $100.00
90 Minute Stone $125.00
Series of 6
(1 hr. sessions)
Series of 6
(90 min. sessions)


Aromatherapy Treatment

Rebalance, revitalize and relax with this ancient therapeutic treatment.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are chosen & blended for each individual according to his/her specific problems and desired effects.
 1 hour 15 minutes  $115.00