Our Signature Body Waxing


hard waxBrazilian Bikini Wax

This is a very thorough waxing in which every bit of hair is removed or there is the popular option of leaving a thin strip of hair (commonly referred to as a "landing strip"). Our estheticians are highly trained to perform this delicate procedure to ensure smooth and flawless result without embarrassment. Kaffee's Garden Spa uses our signature European Hard wax which is fast, efficient and above all gentle. After a Brazilian wax most women feel a new freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie. The Brazilian Bikini Wax has changed many peoples lives and it can change yours too!


Hair Removal & Silky Smooth Body Waxing

This  European Hard Wax Method, does not use cloth strips which reduces irritation. You won't find this comfortable method just anywhere. It started at the "Red Door" and we still swear by it!

Lash or Brow Tint

Eyebrow Upkeep


Hand & Fingers



$32.00 & up





Full Face**


Full Leg




Lower Leg


Under Arm

Foot and toes





Entire Arm


Brazilian Bikini

$65.00 & up
* Includes waxing, tweezing, and Trimming brow.

** Includes lip, brow, chin, and jaw.

Please Note: Waxing Prices may vary depending on individual factors.